Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Big Re-Watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Season 6)

(aka- the worst one)

Bearing in mind that one should generally look to the positive when reviewing something, its cannot be a good sign when after rewatching an entire series of a television show, only two or three episodes stand out as good. In this series we see Buffy coming back from the dead (again), Giles swans off to England to clean his glasses, Tara becoming THE worst, most annoying character in the shows entire run, and if you thought Glorificus was a crap Big Baddie, the 'Trio' try their luck at quashing the Scoobs. Worst. Bad Guys. Ever. But there is light in the darkness- Willows descent into more powerful witchcraft was better than the whole Buffy swooning over Spike thing. And the Musical episode, which is Boss.

The series starts with the gang bringing Buffy back to life so she can carry on slayin' vamps and demons and looking after Dawn, but to her chargrin. She reveals the scoobs that wherever she was, she was way more happier than she was alive and it kinda sucks being back. Thus starting a rather uneasy relationship between them all for the rest of the season.

After a few patchy episodes at the start, the musical themed ep saves the series from itself. 'Once More With Feeling' is another one of those episodes that go beyond the cult fanbase of the show and was was a huge hit with the general audience, and with reason. We see the musical talents of Anthony Head and James Marsters put to good  use and some awesome songs throughout the episode. A fun, enjoyable episode that anyone can enjoy.

As the series goesn on though, it's tough to say what is a highlight between all of Tara's moaning, the on-off relationship with Spike and Buffy- which I personally find one of the most pointless relationships ofthe whole show- If you look back at Spike in seasons 2 & 3, there is NO WAY that that Spike would find romantic interest in Buffy. As this particular storyline goes on one of the best characters of the show is diluted into a shadow of its former self. Whilst all this is happening, the 'Trio' of nerds- Jonathan, Warren and Andrew try to foil Buffy and the Scoobs. This attempt to have a witty, clumsy gang to reek havoc ultimaley fails and jusr comes off as annoying at best.

The end of the season picks up somewhat with Willow becoming and uber- witch and threatens to basically break the world in half. The last couple of episodes have a good balance of action, plot and genuine concern for the scoobs. A good end to the rather poor series, but with the last season looming, will it finish off on a high?

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