Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Big Re-Watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Season 7)

AKA- The last one

So, the last season of Buffy. It has been a long enjoyable journey with the scoobs, enjoying their adventures in Vamp slayin', Demon Killin' swooning for each other, Giles cleaning his glasses and the Mutant Enemy logo going 'grrr, argh' Can Buffy save the day one last time before its curtains?

It's AWESOME! The whole reason for the re-watch was to see if the show can stand the test of time. Some yes-(the characters, the comedy) some not so much-(special effects, cheesy dialogue at times). After the frankly disappointing season six, the show atones itself with leaving all the cards on the table. 

'The First' is back, and wants to (wait for it) kill the slayer and reign with terror and evil, but this time it's personal. The mustering of all the slayers, or Chosen ones was a welcome addition to the scoobs, Faith is back in action after some anti-hero action and there are plenty of rousing speeches from Giles and Buffy to make you want to go out and slay a few vamps yourself. The relationship between Spike and the gang is yet again strained but well handled. Also Nathan Fillion is in this season. YUSS!

I don't want to say a lot, because, if you have got this far with the show, of course you will watch the last season of it, but I'll say this- the last episode is a barnstormer of a finale, an excellent farewell to a show that  I have enjoyed the second time around, probably more than the first time it was aired, the principle cast the team of writers, producers and directors have made some of my favourite episodes of Television ever. 

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